"Darkest Before the Day, what a truly beautiful track... Matt, your album is superb.  I've seen Matt play live, he's fantastic... and Latter Day Sinner is a beautiful album." BOB HARRIS - Radio 2

Such a great talent... Such a great songwriter... Matt's latest album 'Latter Day Sinner'  just keeps getting better with every play in my opinion....BBC's RALPH MCLEAN - PPI  SPECIAL MUSIC BROADCASTER OF THE YEAR 2014

'From sight and sound this album truly is beautiful.' CARA GIBNEY - NO DEPRESSION  FULL REVIEW HERE

'Latter Day Sinner by Matt McGinn is the type of album that hits you emotionally whether you want it to or not...The most obvious comparison to me is The Frames. McGinn and Glen Hansard both successfully blend melancholy in their music that feels heartfelt, warm and provides a sense a solace. This is essential listening material. McGinn has created a beautiful sounding album that you won’t want to miss.' TED ROGEN - ON EQUAL GROUND  FULL REVIEW HERE

'The maturity and the level of song writing is simply astounding. Matt seems to effortlessly deliver high quality powerful music in a quiet and subtle way. The multi-layered music is beautifully package and mixed, indeed the strength of this album is in the way the power is contained and not overblown. The production is perfect and the musicianship world class. This is a keeper and one that should be added to as many music collections as possible.' GERRY MCNALLY - FOLK & TUMBLE  FULL REVIEW HERE

'McGinn elevates the congregation by his presence, humility, subtle wit, gentle banter, and sheer song-writing brilliance.' JULIE WILLIAMS NASH reviews a LIVE MATT MCGINN CONCERT FULL REVIEW HERE