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Thanks for getting this far!

'The End of the Common Man' is the new album from Ireland's Matt McGinn, due for release in February 2018. 

Now that you are here, you have a special chance to Pre-Order the album and receive it over a month before anyone else, on January 10th 2018

You have to option of choosing CD or Digital Download. At this stage, whichever you choose you will receive a special thank you on the CD booklet.

It has always been a dream of Matt's to have a run of Vinyl pressing. We would love to know if there is demand for this album on vinyl. If it's something you'd like to purchase, please email with the subject VINYL.

By pre-ordering,  you will have become a part of the recording process. You will have a part to play in the making of this record. The money raised will help finance the Mastering and Duplication of the album,  and for that you will have our utmost thanks. 

By Pre-Ordering, you will also be eligible to receive some exclusive treats that will be revealed very soon. 

Make sure to check out the first videos from the album below, and once again, thanks so much for being here. We couldn't do this without you.



'TRUMP' - from the 2018 album, 'The End of the Common Man'

The Title track from the forthcoming album, 'The End of the Common Man'